Arizona Dog Found with Bullet in Its Jaw Is Now Ready for Forever Home

Dog found with bullet in jaw now ready for adoption.
'Lucky' is ready for adoption after an x-ray showed a bullet in his jaw.Arizona Animal Welfare League

The dog was wandering near the Arizona border with a bullet lodged in its jaw.

A coonhound dubbed "Lucky" is now available for adoption in Arizona.

The dog was found a few weeks ago, abandoned in a rural stretch of desert near the Mexican border, with a big wound on his head.

A Border Patrol agent took the pup to a shelter in Bisbee, where a traveling vet took x-rays and discovered the mark on Lucky's head was actually a bullet hole. The slug had passed between the dog's eyes and lodged in his jaw, according to a spokesman with the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

The bullet was removed, and animal shelter workers have no idea how Lucky came to be shot or how he survived in the desert with no apparent side effects from his injury.

Hence the dog's newly bestowed name.

He has twice been adopted, but returned both times because he is apparently quite an escape artist.

Those interested in adopting him, and who have a good fence, should contact the league's main office in Phoenix.