California Man Faces Criticism for Video Showing Charred Remains of Friends

Greg Woodcox's nephew, who posted the gruesome video on YouTube, defended sharing it.

A California man is facing criticism for recording a video that shows horrific aftermath footage of the violent fire that spread across Paradise.

Matthew Strausbaugh received the video from his uncle, Greg Woodcox, and posted it to YouTube. The video has since had hundreds of thousands of views, but critics are calling out the uncle and his nephew for both filming and posting the video, which shows the charred remains of Woodcox's friends. 

“Everybody here is dead,” Woodcox says in the video. “There’s a bunch of dead bodies here.”

Torched skeletons, burnt cars and remnants of wildlife can be seen throughout the nearly four-minute video depicting the aftermath of one of the blazes California is facing.

The video is so graphic that users must login with a YouTube account to verify their age.

Woodcox said he escaped his burning truck and the flames just in time, but his friends were not so lucky.

“I'm so lucky to be alive,” he says in the video. “I went down the canyon to a creek. It came over me, I thought I was going to die.”

When Woodcox returned to see the damage, he discovered that none of his friends survived.

The video has gotten some negative responses, with one person calling it "insensitive."

But others are defending the footage. A wildland firefighter of 14 years says “this is what the public needs to see.”

Strausbaugh told Inside Edition that people need to take evacuations more seriously and his uncle wanted the video to be made public. 

"I was weighing the good with the bad, and he wanted it out there," he said. 

Over 40 people have died in the fires plaguing Northern and Southern California. Hundreds more are missing.