Couple Goes Shopping for Toys for Tots With Guests on Their Wedding Day

They had been donating to the organization since their first date.

A Florida couple stopped their wedding to go to Target with their guests and buy toys for kids in need. 

On their first date seven years ago, Jessica and Brad Bond went shopping for Toys for Tots because Brad wanted to make it a day to remember.

“When she got there I told her I have a different idea in mind and if she was OK with it, I’d like to go somewhere else,” Brad said. “Fortunately she said yes and we went down the road about two miles to Target. She looked really confused when we pulled into the parking lot.”

Brad explained to her that when he was younger his parents didn’t have a lot of money but always made sure Christmas was special.

They both shopped that day for toys they remembered from their childhood and then donated them.

“It’s been a tradition and on our anniversary we do the same thing every year,” Brad said. 

So, it made perfect sense that they’d want to incorporate that special tradition into their wedding day.

“It was important to us because our first date started that way that that be the first place we go as husband and wife,” Brad said. 

Guests had no idea of the newlyweds' plans. Brad and Jessica gathered everyone and told them the story of their first date. They handed out gift cards to each guest to use during the impromptu shopping spree.

They had called Toys for Tots in advance to see what they needed.

“It was a little bit madness, but exciting,” Brad said.

“I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start out our marriage like that,” Jessica added.

The married couple plans on keeping up the tradition in the future. 

“There’s no better feeling you can get than giving,” Brad said.