Did Diner Customer on ‘Fox and Friends’ Really Order 10 Eggs?

The hosts of the show even said they were curious about the man’s breakfast plate.

“Fox & Friends” went to America’s heartland to ask citizens how they felt about President Trump and his tax returns, but one guest caught the attention of everyone not for what he said but what he had on his table

Following a bombshell New York Times report that Donald Trump lost billions of dollars over a 10-year period, “Fox & Friends” asked Jonny, a retired truck driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, if he cared about the real estate mogul’s taxes. 

As Jonny claimed he didn’t care, he sat at a table at Johnny V’s Classic Cafe with an enormous breakfast of 10 eggs in front of him.

Viewers took to social media to ask how many eggs was Jonny eating. 

On “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah even joked about it, saying, “Who needs to eat that many eggs? Is he fighting Apollo Creed?”

The uproar was so great, "Fox & Friends" had to do a follow-up story about all the buzz surrounding the man's perceived big appetite.

But when InsideEdition.com called the diner for information about his hearty breakfast, an employee said that the man didn't place the order. Rather, the diner put the food in front of him to dress up the table. 

An eagle-eyed Twitter user saw other customers being interviewed with the same 10 eggs on their table too. 

Reporter Todd Piro also posted a photo of himself with 10 eggs and pancakes, hash browns and meat, which is part of the diner's eating challenge called the King of Johnny V's Breakfast Challenge.