Emotional Support Pig Helps 18-Year-Old With Rare Condition Stay Strong Through Treatment

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Pita Peppa Lepew the pet pig loves belly rubs and spends his day doing tricks for treats, but his most important duty is comforting an Idaho teen with a rare condition.

Eighteen-year-old Emily Talbot was born with Chiari malformation, a rare condition that causes her brain to push on her spinal cord, threatening brain damage and loss in mental and physical ability.

Talbot told InsideEdition.com she’s been in and out of the hospital for more than a decade, and has had more than 30 surgeries at Seattle Children’s Hospital to manage the condition. She also has chronic pain that led to severe depression and anxiety.

“I’ve always wanted an emotional support animal,” Talbot said. “Last year I was in the hospital for almost two weeks and it was the most terrible experience but once I got out, my parents asked if I wanted a pig and I got Pita Peppa and he became my best friend.”

The piglet was only 5 pounds when they met, and just as their relationship has grown, so has his weight.

Pita Peppa and Talbot can be spotted taking walks around their town and the pig even accompanies Talbot when they take private flights for treatment.

Talbot even threw a birthday party for Pita Peppa on Valentine’s Day to celebrate a year of his hard work helping her stay strong.

“For Pita Peppas birthday it was on Valentine's Day so we had cute little decorations and little hats,” Talbot said. “My family got together to play games and celebrate Pita Peppa's birthday with a cake.”


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