Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Could Be Yours, If You Can Afford This Price Tag

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It's the home where Michael Jackson enjoyed endless fun and games with children. Now, Neverland is on the market for a grown-up price - $100 million!

Matt Lauer was the last person to tour the stark interiors of Neverland’s main house in 2009, just a week after Jackson’s death.

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Now, the ranch formerly known as Neverland is back to it's original name, "The Sycamore Valley Ranch," following costly renovations.

Royce Pinkwater, the a super-prime real estate expert and CEO of Pinkwater Select, spoke to INSIDE EDITION. She said, "Changes were made to Neverland. That the look and feel of the property are quite different. The Ferris wheel has been removed. Wading ponds have been put in and meditation rooms, things like that." 

The ranch features 2,700 acres of land. The main house is 12,000 square feet, with six bedrooms and there's a fully-restored 50-seat movie theater.

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So, Michael Jackson’s place for fun and games is on the block for $100 million and that's not kid stuff.

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