Vanity Fair Interviews Post-Jail Lindsay Lohan

Vanity Fair has an interview with Lindsay Lohan in their newest issue. The infamous party girl tells the magazine, "I want my career back. I know that I'm a damn good actress."

Lohan admits to "dabbling in certain things" but blames her behavior on fame at an early age: "I was irresponsible. I was experimenting." She says she wishes she had been given more "structure" but defends her embattled mother, Dina.

At one point during the interview, one of Lohan's hair extensions fell out, prompting her to quip, "I'm literally falling apart." She also vowed to make a comeback, saying, "I'm a completely different person now." But Vanity Fair noted that back in a 2008 interview, Lohan made the same promise: "I'm a different person now." Hopefully she means it this time.