Southwest Deems Kevin Smith Too Fat To Fly


Movie director Kevin Smith was outraged after Southwest Airlines booted him off of a flight because he was deemed too fat to fly.


“I'm a fat man. I've grown up fat. I am not fat enough to eject off of a Southwest Airline flight,” Smith said.


Smith puffed out his cheeks and posted a photo of himself on the plane on Twitter after he says a flight attendant told him he was a "safety risk" because he was too big for his seat.


“I get it. Southwest is like: ‘Why should we have to (expletive deleted) give up two seats to fat people, they take up more seats.’  Build thicker seats, (expletive deleted)!  This is the United States of America, more people are fat than (expletive deleted) thin!  Be realistic!” Smith said.


Smith is the director of "Clerks,"  "Jersey Girl" and "Zack & Miri Make a Porno." He's considered one of the nation's leading independent filmmakers.


Now Smith is zinging Southwest Airlines on his own podcast and on Twitter with postings like: "Look how fat I am on your plane!  Quick!  Throw me off!"


He's the latest case of how airlines are wrestling with the issue of fat passengers. 


Just last December, a photo of an obese man on an American Airlines flight sparked a national debate. 


Now Southwest is expressing "heartfelt apologies" to Kevin Smith, but says it stands by its policy concerning overweight passengers. Smith refused the $100 voucher the airline offered him.