James Franco and Anne Hathaway Face Tough Criticism as Oscar® Hosts

James Franco is reacting to all that criticism of what some are calling the "Worst Oscars®, ever."

Franco is already back at Yale University, where he's studying for a PhD in English. He took the red eye to the East Coast just two hours after wrapping up the Oscars®.

And the actor is also shooting down wild speculation that he was stoned during the show.

His mellow demeanor led newspaper critics across the country to call him, "heavy-lidded and smirky," "[in] a haze," and "preparing for a remake of Dazed and Confused."

But Franco says he was absolutely not stoned. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that when he smiles, especially into bright stage lights, he tends to squint.

Alec Baldwin, who co-hosted last year's Oscars® with Steve Martin, is speaking out in support of Franco and Anne Hathway as they face a stream of criticism.

Baldwin said, "I thought that they did a good job. I adore her. She's a great leading lady in the movies, and he's a great leading man in the movies."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Baldwin at a Museum of the Moving Image event in his honor in New York, where he empathized with the two young co-hosts, calling it the toughest gig around.

"I was very lucky because when I did it, I had Steve," said Baldwin.

Franco and Hathaway are denying a report in Us Magazine that they actually hate each other. Franco's rep said, "This is absolutely not true." Hathaway's team said, "Anne had a wonderful experience with him."