Howard K. Stern's Response to Aphrodite Jones

Yesterday, INSIDE EDITION told you about a new show, "The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith," airing on the Investigation Discovery channel. Now, Anna Nicole's former boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, is reacting to statements made by the show's host in our report.

The host of the show True Crime with Aphrodite Jones told INSIDE EDITION that Anna Nicole Smith's former boyfriend and lawyer, Howard K. Stern had just taken over ownership of Smith's Los Angeles home.  
She also suggested that Stern could kick Larry Birkhead and his child with Smith out of the house. Stern tells INSIDE EDITION that is not true.

Stern says ownership of Smith's home was never transferred to him personally but rather to Smith's estate. He says he did not receive any financial benefit because Smith's daughter Dannielynn is the sole beneficiary of her mother's estate.

Dannielynn now lives in the home with her father, Larry Birkhead.