Regis vs. Kelly?

They've sat side by side for ten years, but is Regis Philbin about to go head-to-head with his TV co-host Kelly Ripa?

There are reports that Regis is in talks to launch a new daytime show with him as the solo host.

Kelly is reportedly very upset. A source close to her told the New York Post, "Kelly is p - - - - -."  

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent caught up with Regis and his wife Joy at the TV Land Awards in New York last night, and Regis said another TV show is a possibility.

"People are beginning to come every now and then and say, 'What do you think of this, what do you think of that?' I haven't heard anything that really compels me at this point, so I've got nothing really on my plate," Regis said.

"What do you think about a show with you two?" Trent asked them.

"You know we've been married a long time," said Joy. "You know why we've been married for a long time?"

"Because you don't work together?"

"That's right!" she laughed.

Regis says he'll leave Live! sometime next fall.