Ashton Kutcher Gets Cozy With Lea Michelle

Ashton Kutcher can't keep his eyes off Lea Michelle. And can you blame him?

She looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous in a plunging low cut dress when they met up on the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of their new romantic comedy, New Year's Eve.

Lea gushed about her on screen love interest.     

"He's an incredibly smart guy, and he's so sweet and I'm so thankful to have been given him as a co-star," said Michelle.

There was a lot of star power on the red carpet, including two time Oscar® winner Hillary Swank, in an Elie Saab dress. And check this out, she actually put her arms in the wrong sleeves.

"I just figured this out on camera, I think I'm supposed to be right here. I think you have to have a degree to figure out how to put these dresses on anymore," said Swank.

Kutcher's good friend Josh Duhamel was on hand with his wife Fergie, and Josh Kelley was there kissing his wife Katherine Heigl.

But the night belonged to Kutcher and Michelle, as their flirty onscreen chemistry spilled over onto the red carpet.