Christie Brinkley Owes The Goverment A Lot In Taxes

Christie Brinkley was just been hit with $500,000 bill for back taxes.

An IRS lien served on the supermodel shows she owes an eye-watering $531,720.40.

Brinkly is one of the worlds richest supermodels, worth an estimated $80 million.

But like the rest of us, she is feeling the impact of the lousy economy, and had trouble selling her mansion in Bridgehampton outside New York City.

The surprise news comes after Brinkley had trouble offloading one of the breath-taking homes she owns.

Brinkley once shared the gorgeous home with her ex-husband Peter Cook, before their nasty, mud-slinging divorce.

"Everything you really ever want in a Hamptons home this house has. It's got 12 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, [a] pool, tennis court," said David Rattiner of Danshamptons.

The house had been listed for $30 million but was taken off the market last year.

"I regret not paying more attention to my accounting. The tax lien was indeed the result of an error. My taxes will be paid in full by Wednesday," Brinkley said in a statement.