Robert Wagner's First Appearance Since Natalie Wood Investigation Was Reopened

Robert Wagner stonewalled questions as he made his first public appearance since the reopening of the Natalie Wood death investigation.

Wagner was surrounded by fans and autograph-seekers outside his Florida hotel. Many were protective of the embattled 81-year-old actor.

One reporter asked, "Is it true you threatened the captain of the ship to keep silent?"

"Is there anything new about the case?" asked another reporter.

"Leave him alone," said a fan.

Wagner did answer one question.

"How'd you like the weather?" asked a reporter.

"it's been pretty pretty good," replied Wagner.

Wagner was also tight-lipped when he and his wife, Jill St. John, arrived for a speaking engagement.

A reporter asked, "Are you glad they reopened the Natalie Wood case?"

"Let's go inside," said Wagner.

Again, no comment from Wagner. He was ushered to the stage door to dodge waiting reporters.

"Will anyone ever know the truth about Natalie Wood's death?" asked one reporter.

Wagner was in Stuart, Florida, for a question-and-answer session. He showed a clip from a movie he made with his late wife, and reminisced about the times they acted together.

"She was such a wonderful actress," said Wagner.

At one point Jill St. John, who he married after Wood drowned in 1981, joined him on stage. So did a local shelter dog that Wagner is trying to find a home for. Wagner also showed photos of Natalie Wood with their children.

Wood drowned during a mystery-filled weekend on board a yacht with Wagner and actor Christopher Walken. Authorities in California recently announced they had reopened the case after 30 years.