Lindsay Lohan a No-Show on Ellen

Lindsay Lohan arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse today with her head down, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore sunglasses beige slacks, and a cream sweater, again with no bra.

She was there for a hearing on her probation status and it comes just as her Playboy layout is about to hit the stands.

In court things went well for Lohan.

The judge said, "You're doing well and i'd like to see you continue, ok?"

Lohan nodded her head and smiled. But is Lohan still her own worst enemy?

Los Angeles is buzzing that the troubled star was a no-show for the one interview she was scheduled her to do to promote the Playboy spread. Lohan was supposed to tape an episode of Ellen on Tuesday, but she missed her flight back from Hawaii where she's been vacationing.

Ellen's producers are said to be furious, with one quoted as saying, "Not a call or an apology from Lindsay."

Ellen's producers say they can't reschedule the appearance, because they only have one more day of taping until Ellen wraps up for the holidays.

Ellen producers scrambled and replaced her with Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris

Lohan may have missed the Ellen taping but leave it to hershe did manage to get back to Los Angeles in time to party. She was photographed leaving a Jay-Z concert in Los Angeles at 1:00am.

Lohan's been having difficulty finding work in Hollywood because of her reputation for being unreliable. This latest missed television appearance is just going to reinforce her already awful reputation. She did show up for court on time, but all the talk was about her Ellen snub.