James Franco Gets a "D" Grade in NYU Class

A professor at a prestigious university says he was fired for giving actor James Franco a 'D' in class.

Franco, who famously hosted the Oscars® with Anne Hathaway last February, was studying for a Masters in film-making.

But his professor says Franco persistently played hookey from classes at New York University and actually missed 12 out of 14 classes. As a result, he got a 'D' grade in the course, "Directing the Actor." The professor claims after giving Franco the bad grade, he was fired.

Professor Jose Angel Santana says he was tired of Franco, who stars in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, monkeying around.

"The school has bent over backwards to create a Franco friendly environment that's for sure," the professor was quoted as saying. "They've turned the NYU graduate film degree into something you can buy."

Franco acknowledged missing a number of classes in this interview with the website showbiz411,com. But he says he had a good excuse—he was busy making 127 Hours, for which he was nominated for an Oscar®.

"I did all my work and I finished the film that was required that year but I didn't show up for acting class," Franco told showbiz411.com.

And he admitted showing up late for another class. 

"It was late and it was a lecture at 10 a.m.," said Franco.

NYU today called the lawsuit "ridiculous."

In a statement, NYU said: "It is regretable and disappointing to see a faculty member discusing any student's grade for the purpose of personal publicity."