Sean Penn and Maria Conchita Alonson in War of Words

Actress Maria Conchita Alonso is in a war of words with Sean Penn. Incredibly, the latin stunner once did a love scene with Penn in the 1988 movie Colors. But these days they're making war, not love, after a run in at Los Angeles International Airport..

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Alonso, "What did Sean Penn say to you when you approached him at the airport?"

"He goes, 'You're a pig!' " said Alonso. "Then I said, 'You're a communist a-hole!"

So what caused the blow-up? The two actors have long held different political views. Alonso says she's disgusted that Penn supports dictators like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Alonso was born in Cuba under the control of Castro. She says her family escaped to Venezuela where they then had to escape again, this time from Hugo Chavez's regime.

Alonso says she doesn't regret calling Penn a Communist, but she does regret her use of a curse word.
"You know, I do regret calling him that because I lowered myself to his level," said Alonso.

Penn's rep says he was not the aggressor. He says Penn was responding to, "a hostile woman berating him."

Alonso says she would like to meet privately with Sean Penn and tell him what it's like to live under the rule of a Communist dictator.

Alonso did say, "I should have been more of a lady."