Body Language Expert Analyzes Katherine Jackson's Statement

It's an eye-opening look at the inner dynamics of the troubled Jackson clan.

INSIDE EDITION showed Katherine Jackson's extraordinary taped message to body language expert TJ Walker.

"This is a show business family and they're putting on a show. Unfortunately it's coming across as a freak show," said Walker, "It just seems odd, it seems tense, it doesn't seem comfortable."

Janet Jackson has been deeply involved in the Jackson civil war, scuffling with Michael Jackson's daughter Paris, and flying to her mother's side in Arizona.

"What's your take on Janet Jackson as she stands there, and what might it reveal about her role in this family?" Asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

Walker replied, "At one moment, Janet Jackson sort of leans down as if to say 'Oh! Follow the script! Follow the script! That's what you do with someone where you're afraid they're not really in control, or they're going to get lost, or they're going to say something that could be damaging."

Jermaine Jackson, positioned right behind his mother, also played an interesting role according to Walker.

"It's almost as if he's leaning over and at any minute he wants to go 'No! Don't say that!' It may be out of concern for his mother, but it may be that there is conflict there and he's trying to get her to read some agreed upon script," Walker told INSIDE EDITION.

We're also learning more about what happened behind the scenes at the Tuscon report.

KGUN 9 News' Aaron Brackett was in the room during the statement. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Janet came in the room and so did Jermaine and told us what was going to happen. They said there would be no questions, and that [Katherine] wanted to read a statement that she had prepared. That was about all that was to happen. They said, the minute you asked a question, we're pretty much done."

"You were told to turn off the camera at some point, what was said after that moment?" Asked Moret.

"They told us they might want to redo it, they ended up not redoing the taping, and they wanted to get back to California immediately," replied Brackett.

Meanwhile Prince Jackson wants the world to know that his Aunt Janet prevented him, Paris, and Blanket from speaking to their grandmother while she was in Arizona. He just tweeted a photo of a text exchange.

Prince texted Janet, Rebbie, and Rebbie's son Austin, on July 23rd at 4:52 pm, saying, "We demand to speak to my grandma now!"

But Janet replied to the group, "Don't let them please."