Cissy Houston Opens Up About Whitney

Cissy Houston is talking about the death of her superstar daughter, Whitney, who was found dead in a hotel bathtub almost a year ago.

"I loved her. She was wonderful, and i'm very proud of her accomplishments," said Cissy.

Samantha Guthrie said, "You must miss her terribly."

"I miss her more than I can say," Cissy said.

Cissy appeared on the Today show to promote her new book, Remembering Whitney.

She denies reports that she had a strained relationship with Whitney, and she says she does not blame Whitney’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for her daughter's fate.

Guthrie said, "You say, you don't blame him, but you are not sure he helped her."

Cissy said, "I know he didn't help her. I know that. Everybody is responsible for their own actions, up to a point."