"Breaking Bad" Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston's Car

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston called 911 to report a theft.

Cranston: “I need to report a breaking and entering into my automobile. They broke my passenger window.”
911 operator: “Let me have an officer give you a call. Can I get your name please, sir?”
Cranston: “It’s Bryan B-R-Y-A-N, Cranston, C-R-A-N-S-T-O-N.”

Cranston isn't reporting just any ordinary theft. He says a thief swiped a Breaking Bad script from his car along with an iPad.

This is the last season of the Emmy-winner cable series which is taped in New Mexico.

Now, Cranston is worried that if the script leaks it could ruin the final season.

Co-star Charles Baker actually tweeted this public plea to the thief: "Please don't ruin my show!!!!”

Suspect Xavier McAfee was arrested for the break-in and has pled not guilty. 

Unfortunately, the script has not been recovered.