Heidi Montag's Mother Reportedly Facing Foreclosure, Spencer Pratt Reportedly Happy to Hear It

Is Heidi Montag's mother facing serious financial problems? A bank is reportedly about to foreclose on an undeveloped piece of property Heidi's mom Darlene owns in Colorado. She had taken out a loan for $189,000. And her son-in-law, Spencer Pratt, isn't exactly expressing sympathy.

"If that's true ... that is the best news I've heard all day long," he was quoted in a published report. "Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter – my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi – on national television...should be put in a straight jacket."

Pratt was referring to the recent confrontation on the premiere of MTV's The Hills, when Montag was brought to tears after her mom had a negative reaction to her plastic surgery.