Lena Horne Dies at 92

America woke up this morning to the sad news. The world is mourning the loss of Lena Horne, dead at 92 at New York-Presbyterian hospital. Horne's signature song was "Stormy Weather."

On The View, Whoopi Goldberg paid tribute to Horne, saying, "Her looks overshadowed talent because she had a look that white audiences in the 1940's could accept."

In a 1981 60 Minutes interview, Horne told the late Ed Bradley that she never intended to be a pioneer who broke racial barriers in show business.

"I didn't want to be chosen. I had black people tell me 'look, there's a million like you,' which is absolutely true, 'with more talent, better looks and everything, you got picked!' "

Lena horne—an American icon.