Usher's Son Leaves Hospital Following Accident

The first video of Usher's five-year-old son after his brush with death has emerged.

Little Usher Raymond V had a bandage on his right arm as he walked with his nanny. He was just released from the hospital after he almost drowned. His bandaged arm was the one that was trapped in the drain at the bottom of the family pool last week in Atlanta.

Usher's ex wife, Tameka, claimed the accident happened because there was no cover on the pool drain. Two contractors pulled the boy from the pool and gave him CPR.

Tameka even unsuccessfully took Usher to court in an emergency custody hearing after the incident. She cried as she said she was worried her son wouldn't recover.

She said, “I don't know if my son will have a brain affect or have heart problems or he will 100 percent be the boy he was before the incident.”

Now that we're getting a look at little Usher out of the hospital, it appears he is taking his first steps to recovery.