Joan Rivers' Final Days, Complete With Hair and Makeup

We're learning more about the final days of Joan Rivers.

This is a luxurious private suite at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital where she died.

Joan's suite was decorated with flowers and plants arranged by her close friend, wedding designer Preston Bailey.

Her hospital room was almost as luxurious as her Manhattan apartment. The cover on her bed was white faux mink. Her beloved dogs were allowed to visit while songs from one of her favorite musicals, Oklahoma played on a CD.

And even on her deathbed, Joan was in full makeup at all times.

New York Post columnist Cindy Adams says Joan had, "Perfectly manicured nails, deep purple"  and "Toenails, green."

The funeral for the legendary comedienne will be held Sunday at Temple Emanuel, New York's preeminent synogogue. It will be private, even though Joan joked in one of her books about wanting her funeral to be a blowout party.

"I want it to be Hollywood all the way. I want Meryl Streep crying, in five different accents. I want a wind machine so strong that even in the casket, my hair is blowing just like Beyoncé's on stage," wrote Joan.

Flowers are being delivered non-stop to Joan's apartment on New York City's Upper East Side, sent by fans who still can't believe she's gone.

Daughter Melissa says she's overwhelmed by the worldwide affection for her mom. When asked by a reporter what the outpouring has been like, Melissa said, "Humbling."

The marquee outside Los Angeles' Laugh Factory read: "Joan Rivers. Rest In Peace.  Make God Laugh."

Comedian Tim Allen performed at the club. Allen told INSIDE EDITION, "She's a broad. She's a lady. She's a chick. She's a girl. She's a woman. She was all those things. It's a terrible loss to me because we haven't filled the ranks up. We need more funny women."

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And all the late night comics paid tribute to Joan. 

David Letterman said on the Late Show, "Talk about guts. She would come out here and sit in this chair and say some things that were unbelievable."

Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show, "There are very few people in my business that you could say are, or were, actually ground breaking talents. Joan Rivers was one of them."

Jimmy Kimmel's guest Sarah Silverman gave credit to Joan for paving the way for a new generation of comediennes.

Silverman said on Jimmy Kimmel Live, "Oh my God, Jimmy! I love your hair. You have to tell me where you bought it. That's for you, Joan."