Samantha Ronson Visits Lindsay in Jail

It's a regular parade of pals visiting jailed actress Lindsay Lohan. That includes her ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, who was grumpy when she was asked about Lindsay.

"Can you at least tell us how she's doing?"

Ronson replied to reporters, "How do you think she's doing?"

Friends and family of the regular jail population at the Lynwood Detention Center are only allowed to visit on weekends. We asked Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, whether Lindsay was receiving special treatment.

"I didn't think that she was getting any special treatment. I met with the captain and it's been made clear to me that's she's going to be treated like everyone else," Holley said.

She says that Lindsay is getting used to life behind bars.  "Better every day," the lawyer said.