Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Jon Lovitz and More Reveal How SNL Changed Their Career

Saturday Night Live celebrated their 40th anniversary on Sunday night with a star-studded red carpet and hysterical live show! Many of the most successful comedic actors of all time got their start on SNL changing their career forever.

INSIDE EDITION was there talking to some of the most memorable cast members about being a part of the legendary comedy show.

Adam Sandler: “Best time of my life here man. We were young, we were happy, all night long all we talked about was being funny and trying to come up with stuff that would make each other laugh.

Chris Rock: “It was the best time I ever had.”

Gilbert Gottfried: “It was like if the middle of Beatlemania, the Beatles were a place with four other shmucks, you know!”

Rob Schneider: “You go from not being in show business to being in show business and that’s the kind of thing. You either sink or swim when you do it.”

Jon Lovitz: “To be part of the popular culture, that’s what this show gives you.”

Rachel Dratch: “It puts you on the map.”

Check out the above video to see more from the red carpet and tune in to INSIDE EDITION tonight for more from the SNL red carpet.