Ex-Husband Of Clint Eastwood's Oscar Date - Her Secret Past Revealed

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When Clint Eastwood appeared on the red carpet at the Oscars with a beautiful blonde, everyone asked: “Who's that!?”

Now, we know. She's 51-year-old Christina Sandera.

She met the movie icon when she worked as a hostess at a restaurant Eastwood owns in Carmel, California.

Unfortunately, she is now learning that when the spotlight shines bright, it can sometimes be harsh. Turns out, she has an arrest record.
This is her mug shot from a 2001 arrest on battery charges after she allegedly "scratched" her then boyfriend on the neck "to prevent him from leaving."

Sandera reportedly pleaded no contest and agreed to attend anger management classes. She ended up marrying the boyfriend, but it only lasted 11 months.

The ex-husband was quoted as telling an interviewer: "It was hell- I wish Clint all the luck in the world.” [Source: National Enquirer]