One Lonely Contestant Makes It To Final Round In Bizarre Jeopardy Episode

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Answer: This game show had only one contestant make it to the final round because two other competitors ended in the red.

Question: What is the most bizarre episode of Jeopardy! ever?

On Thursday night’s episode of Jeopardy!, Kristin Sausville, a mom of two from Delaware, made it to the final Jeopardy! round after her competition was in the negative figures by the end of Double Jeopardy.

Sausville was forced to play alone and host Alex Trebek had some fun with her. He said, “Kristin, we’re going to start with you. You were in third place and the lead.”

Even though she is a returning Jeopardy! champion, Sausville lost $1,600 during the final question, but upped her two day total to more than $31,000. She was a good sport about the whole situation and tweeted: "Always sad when someone can't play Final. Even when I benefit. Seriously. #Jeopardy."

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