Extremists Openly Planned Assault on Capitol for Weeks on Social Media

Disturbing new information is fueling fears that the invasion of the Capitol was part of a conspiracy and not an angry mob gone wild.

Disturbing new information is fueling fears that the invasion of the Capitol was part of a conspiracy and not an angry mob gone wild. A video shows men in tactical gear filing through the crowd on the steps of the capitol. Published reports say they were members of the far right militia group, Oath Keepers.

One was wearing a patch that says, “I don't believe in anything. I’m just here for the violence.”

“The attack on the Capitol was obviously part of a broader plan. It was out there on social media. There was a lot of chatter about it,” former FBI agent Tim Gallagher told Inside Edition.

For weeks extremists spoke openly about an assault on the Capitol. The phrase, "storm the capitol" was used on social media 100,000 times in December, along with "pack a crowbar.”

There's also speculation there was a plot to take hostages.

Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Larry Rendell Brock was caught on camera inside the Senate chamber carrying a handful of zip-tie handcuffs. The 53-year-old combat veteran, wearing a green helmet and tactical vest, was recognized by his ex-wife who reported him to the FBI. He was arrested Sunday in Texas.

Also carrying zip ties handcuffs was 30-year-old Eric Munchel. He was wearing full tactical gear, including gloves with reinforced knuckles for punching through windows. He was at the rally with his mother, 57-year-old Lisa Eisenhart. Munchel and his mom drove 700 miles from their home in Nashville to attend the rally in Washington. He was a bartender at Kid Rock's steakhouse, but he was fired two months ago.

Some suspects have been outed on social media by citizen detectives like John Scott Railton.

“The most effective tool was thousands of eyeballs. There are a lot of people with a specific reservoir of knowledge. People say, in crisis, look for the helpers. And in this case, it was no different,” Railton told Inside Edition.

Those arrested include a handful of police officers and firefighters from across the nation.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio issued a stern warning today: “Any New York City employee, any part of the city government, who participated in an attack on our democratic institutions, who participated in an insurrection at the Capitol, will be terminated — period.”

As more arrests take place across America, there is concern that the violence may not be over as we approach the inauguration of Joe Biden.

“The mobs may be back, but they will be met with overwhelming force,” Gallagher said.