'Floatopia' Revelers Left Behind 10 Tons of Trash on Virginia Beach

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"Floatopia" is a summer ritual at Virginia Beach.

A daylong party where revelers have fun on the shore and bob in the water on inflatable rafts and boats, it's a staple of Memorial Day Weekend

But this year, the aftermath was not pretty after the fete got a boost on social media and thousands descended on the strip of ocean.

Trash was strewn about the beach, infuriating locals.

"The city takes great pride in keeping our beaches clean, so we were disappointed to see the condition Chic's Beach was left in following an unpermitted event called 'Floatopia,'" the city of Virginia Beach said in a statement.

Altogether, 10 tons of trash were left behind. 

Video posted on Facebook by resident Melissa Noel captured the messy aftermath. 

Virginia Beach Councilman Michael Berlucchi slammed partiers in his own Facebook post. 

"We can do better than this!" he wrote. 


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