Florida Drawbridge Opens While Car Is Still Crossing, Leaving Driver to Decide Whether to Get Out or Stay Put

The extraordinary video was taken Oct. 21, but is only now being released.

Just two weeks after a 79-year–old grandmother lost her life on a drawbridge comes a video of another incident just miles away, in which a motorist crossing a different bridge was put in serious danger when it opened while he was driving across.  

It happened at the Ocean Avenue Bridge in Lantana, Florida.

The motorist flung open his door and tried to signal to the control tower, but the bridge kept going up, the video shows. Jumping out was risky, because he could have fallen between the crack right into the intracoastal waterway below.

Suddenly, the car lurched forward and continued on.

The extraordinary video is from Oct. 21, but is only now being released. The bridge tender has been fired for failing to make sure the span was clear before opening it. She says she didn't see the car.

The incident recalls another drawbridge disaster that happened 20 miles away two weeks ago. Carol Wright was killed after falling from the Royal Park Bridge. She was walking to Palm Beach with her bike when it opened.

“I guarantee you that she was trying valiantly to get off this bridge. She tried valiantly to save her own life,” Wright’s attorney Lance Ivey said.

Two accidents in such a short amount of time in the same county is cause for real concern.

“The whole concept of bridge safety, particularly drawbridge safety, is a really important thing, in a place like Florida where we have hundreds of drawbridges throughout the state,” Boca Raton councilman Andy Thomas said.

There are 20 drawbridges in Palm Beach County alone.

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