Former White House Stenographer Found the Job on Craigslist

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A White House insider has come forward with quite a story to tell.

Beck Dorey Stein was hired as a stenographer for President Obama after coming across a posting for the position in an unlikely place.

“I found the job on Craigslist,” she told Inside Edition. “I totally lucked out!”

Stein recounted her experiences while holding the position in a new book, From the Corner of the Oval, which detailed the important and rewarding demands of working for a U.S. President.

“Our job was to be a walking record of everything the president said when the press was in the room,” Stein said. 

Recalling her days at the White House as being present as “history being made every day,” Stein said: “it was a dream come true.”

She continued working as a stenographer when President Trump was elected, but said she encountered rocky times.

“Trump wasn’t a fan,” she said of the president’s view of her position. “He was not a fan — we were constantly having to beg to be in the room.”

Stein said she and her team were tasked with explaining the importance of their positions.

“His team went out of the way not to do anything Obama's team did,” she said. “We were constantly having to ask them, keep us in the loop; we are here to serve you so you are not misquoted.”

Stein quit two months into the Trump administration

“We're there to be impartial,” she said. “We're there to be witnesses and this administration did not want witnesses.”


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