Friends Injured After Wind Gust Blows Them off Trampoline

Gavin Reynolds and Rhode Hill are thankful to be alive.

Friends Gavin Reynolds and Rhode Hill are thankful to be alive after a gust of wind blew them right off a trampoline.

The 11-year-old friends were playing outside on an otherwise sunny day at Gavin’s Arizona home, when he said a gust of wind came out of nowhere and flipped the trampoline they were jumping on. 

Surveillance video shows the harrowing moment when the boys and the trampoline went airborne.

"It was actually pretty crazy because it started lifting up, it lifted over the wall,” Gavin told "It really just happened in the blink of an eye you know. It was really pretty crazy and it really just happened in, like, a snap."

Both slammed onto the concrete. Writhing in pain, Gavin made his way back into the house to alert his father.

"I just remember thinking, 'I have to get my dad because if I don't, then my friend is gonna be in trouble.'”

At that point, Gavin’s dad, Ryan Reynolds, came flying out of the house.

"My initial thought was, 'How bad is this?'” Reynolds told "Once I heard that, 'Hey my friend is outside, he might be paralyzed and broke his neck or something,’ that's when I was like, OK. I gotta get off the phone and go rush to Rhode and make sure he's OK."

The boys were taken to a nearby hospital.

"My friend actually got a broken pelvis and elbow, and my injuries were the equivalent of getting hit by a car," Gavin said.

At this point, Gavin said he has healed up. Rhode is due to get his cast off.

Reynolds said he is just thankful the boys are alright. 

"You imagine a little kid, if he would've landed on his head or something like that, you know, he could've been dead. Very grateful that he's OK now," said Reynolds.

The lesson both father and son say they’ve taken away? Bolt the trampoline down.

But Gavin has plans to jump right back into action.

"Gavin, he's a brave kid. He said, 'Yeah, I'm definitely going back on the trampoline, it's not gonna stop me at all,'" Reynolds said.