Exclusive: Teen Girl Breaks Her Silence on Brutal McDonald's Fight


The video of six teenage girls engaged in a brutal attack at a McDonald's in Brooklyn as dozens stood by cheering and did nothing to stop the fight stunned the nation.

Now, one of the girls is speaking out for the first time about being charged with the crime.

Seventeen-year-old Tilani Marshall was arrested, along with five other high school students in the attack on 15-year-old Arianna Taylor.

Tilani spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander about the incident with her attorney Audrey Thomas.

She said, “I was scared. I was crying. I couldn't believe it. I’d never been through something like that before. That was the first time I’d ever got arrested, been in handcuffs. I was embarrassed.”

Alexander asked, “Tilani, how has all this impacted your life?”

The teen replied, “It ruined my life a lot. I can’t graduate anymore. They suspended me for a year out of school. I was really looking forward to graduation, prom, then going to college. I can't do that anymore."

No one was more shocked by Tilani’s arrest than her mother, Carmen Cremona, who had actually reposted the video on her Facebook page not realizing her daughter was involved.

Carmen said, “I reposted the video and stated that ‘If this was my daughter I would have lost it.' Shortly after I posted, I got a phone call that she was in there. When I realized she was actually there and at that point I broke down and cried.”

Alexander asked Tilani, “Were you at McDonald's that day?”

She replied, “Yes, I was.”  

Alexander asked her, “Did you participate in this fight?”

Her attorney jumped in and said,” She can’t answer that. It's an ongoing investigation.”

Alexander asked Tilani, “Was this a gang fight?”  

Tilani replied, “No, it was an unexpected fight.”

Alexander asked her attorney, "Why do you think she was accused of being in this fight?"

She replied, "I think she is accused for the same reason the other girls have now been charged with robbery, gang assault, and assault in the first degree. She was accused because she was present, there was public outcry, there was outrage, and it appears what the police did is that they arrested the winners and the loser got the label of victim."

Tilani won't talk about the details of the fight or I.D. herself in the video. But at one point in the video, she appears to be pulling girls out of the fight, but she also throws some pretty mean punches.

We showed the video to forensic video analyst Connor McCourt.

He said, "The mere fact that Ms. Marshall is in the video doesn't mean that she is guilty. Whether she threw punches in this video can be looked at by the authorities. It is very important to analyze the video frame by frame and take a look at the actual images of when punches are being thrown and is it Ms. Marshall doing the damage."

Tilani’s attorney believes the video will prove her client's innocence.

Thomas said, “There is nothing in this video from what I've seen that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Tilani intended serious physical injury to that young lady, Ariana."

Tilani said, "I am not a savage. I am just a regular teenager. A regular 17-year-old girl."