B. Smith Takes Her Alzheimer's Fight to Senate

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B. Smith told INSIDE EDITION, "I am the type of person that I am going to fight it!"

Those brave words from the glamorous woman who was on top of the world and is now fighting a battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

It's a battle B. Smith is taking to Washington, testifying before a Senate committee on aging about the disease that's ravaged her life.

She struggled as she testified before Senate, saying, "It has been a tough time for me because I do have early onset Alzheimer's disease."

She told the Senate, "I don't want anybody else to have to go through this.

B. Smith is a former model who went on to host her own TV show, and ran three trendy restaurants that bore her name. She was known as "The black Martha Stewart."

But now, she cannot answer the simplest of questions.

She shook her head on CBS Sunday Morning she was asked, "Do you know the date today? Do you know the month? How about the year? What does that feel like?"

She eventually replied, "Things like that make me very sad."

We've seen the way Alzheimer’s disease affects country singing legend Glen Campbell, who now lives in a nursing home.

B. Smith recently vanished without a trace in New York City. She wandered the streets of Manhattan for 17 hours. She turned up at a coffee shop on the city's West Side. A friend happened to see her or she could have gone missing for even longer.

Her husband, Dan Gasby told the Senate, "I have seen a woman who virtually could do everything and now has to wait for people to help her."

She made a public service ad for The Brain Health Registry, and hopes her appearance in Washington will raise awareness about this dreadful disease.

For more information on the fight against Alzheimer's, please visit alz.org.