World's Oldest Person Dies At 117, Saying Life Is 'Rather Short'

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A few weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday, the world's oldest person as passed away. 

Misao Okawa of Japan said at her 117th birthday party, that her life seemed "rather short," and when asked what the secret was to a long life, she replied simply, "I wonder about that, too." 

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She was born on March 5, 1898. In her life she experienced two world wars, the first airplane flight by the Wright Brothers, the invention of television and the internet, space travel and countless other events that changed the world in her life.

Misao was living in a nursing home in Osaka, Japan, where the staff said that she was eating well and enjoyed her daily cup of coffee, until she died of heart failure. Nursing home official Tomohiro Okada said, "She went so peacefully, as if she had just fallen asleep."

The title of the world's oldest person now belongs to Gertrude Weaver of Arkansas who is 116 years old. She told Time magazine last year that the secret to a long life was, "Kindness. Treat people right and be nice to other people the way you want them to be nice to you."