Mummified Body and 300 Bottles of Urine Removed From Hoarder's Home

A San Francisco neighborhood is in shock over the discovery of a reported mummified corpse that was discovered inside a woman's home.

The home was filled with trash, in some parts, up to the ceiling, in what local fire officials say is the worst case of hoarding they've ever seen. It took days of removing trash from the home before the body was found. The stench was so bad, firefighters had to wear oxygen masks to get the body out of the house.

A neighbor said a 65-year-old woman named Carolyn lived there with her elderly mother who hadn't been seen in years. The younger woman reportedly told a tax consultant that there was a body in the house, prompting the tax consultant to notify the police.

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Another neighbor said, "A police officer outside the house told me they'd found rats, black widow spiders, 300 bottles of urine and mold on the walls and they felt they were in over their head."

Police suspect, but have not confirmed, that the body is Carolyn's 90-year-old mother who died about five years ago.

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District Supervisor Eric Mar said, "Public health was dealing with the rats, and reported spiders, black widows and other things...My hope is that the Department of Public Health and the contractors are protecting the neighborhood from the infestation of different things."

A neighborhood friend, Sharon Scott Kish said, "I'm saddened that she couldn't let her mother go. I saw her three days ago and I asked her, 'Is your mother still with us?' And she said, 'Yes.' Delusional. She was with her. She was, she was still with her."