Winning Facebook Essay Scores Judge Judy As High School Graduation Speaker

When Judge Judy speaks, students listen!

America's favorite judge put out a call this year to high school students across the country to write a 250 word essay on the people, programs or special spirit that makes your high school stand out from the rest. The winning entry would score Judge Judy herself to speak at their high school graduation.

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Alexus Uentillie of Shiprock High School, in Shiprock, New Mexico, was the winning Facebook essay entry for "The Ultimate High School Graduation....with America's Favorite Judge!"

Uentillie attends the school on a Navajo Reservation with the largest township of any reservation in the country. Many movies have been filmed there including Transformers, The Lone Ranger and Ghost Rider.

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Judge Judy congratulated Uentillie, "Congratulations to Alexus Uentillie on your winning FACEBOOK essay.  I am thrilled to be coming to Shiprock HS and look forward to being part of the cheering crowd for the class of 2015."

Judge Judy Sheindlin will give the commencement speech on Thursday, May 21, 2015.