Knicks Fan Misses Three Shots But Finally Wins $10,000 with Half-Court Heave


At the New York Knicks game on Wednesday night, Shawn Kelly from New Jersey had the chance to win some serious cash during the 'Chase Add A Zero' contest at Madison Square Garden.

It all started with a lay-up for $10, which he missed.

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Then, he had a shot at $100 with a free throw which he also missed. If he hit the next shot, a three-pointer he would score $1,000 and he didn't get anything but air!

The final part of the game was a half-court heave for $10,000 and you wouldn't believe what happened.

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He made the hardest shot and took home the big prize of $10,000. The arena erupted as if he was a Knicks player that won the game.

Shawn Kelly is one lucky Knicks fan and surely a moment he will never forget!