Can Extreme Hoarders Change Their Ways?

Meet two women who cannot throw anything away.  The mountainous messes they accumulate are featured on the TLC show Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Imagine living in the midst of a mess like this.

Hoarding put a tremendous strain on the marriage of Cindy and Mike Carroll of Westerville, Ohio.  

In one episode, Cindy asks her husband, "Do you know where the chips are?"

"Probably underneath something," said Mike.

Cindy replies, "Shut up!"

They had to eat separately, because there was no place to sit together!  A tearful Cindy told INSIDE EDITION just how bad it got.

"There were threats from my husband.  He said it was horrible.  He hated to go home," said Cindy.

"It's absolutely ridiculous, living this way," said Mike.

It was also a problem for Laura G. and her husband Peter at their home in North Carolina.  To make things worse, their three kids couldn't even have friends over!

"I always had stuff, but it was to the point where we couldn't move," said Laura.

So Laura sought help from psychologist Dr. Julie Pike.

"Close your eyes and say it...'I'm robbing my kids.' "

Cindy said, "I'm robbing my kids."

Can a hoarder change her ways?  Cindy Carroll sought professional help and started chucking stuff away.

"The trash men just loved me," joked Cindy.