Florida Cop Jumps Fence, Shoots Dog in Driveway while Responding to Burglar Alarm Call

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It's disturbing video that's sparking outrage today of a Florida cop shooting a dog that he says was about to attack him.

Now the dog's owner, Carla Gloger, is speaking out, and she's livid!

The deputy was responding to a burglar alarm report at Gloger's farm near Tampa. With his body camera running, he jumped the fence and walked up the driveway when two Rottweilers came running. That's when he pulled out his gun.

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The dog owner couldn't believe what just happened.

"He came right at me, ma'am," said the deputy.

"No, he did not!" replied Gloger.

"I got it on camera. I got it on camera," said the deputy.

"He's just a puppy," Gloger exclaimed.

"He wasn't attacking you. I want to see the video," she said.

The dog, named Cowboy, was badly wounded and Carla Gloger asked the deputy to end his suffering.

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"Shoot him all the way and get off my property, now! Shoot him all the way," she said.

"Do you want me to kill the dog?" asked the officer.

"Yeah, I want you to kill him. You already killed him," said Gloger.

The deputy shot the dog.

Cowboy was 18 months old. His owner says the deputy should have heeded the posted warning signs and not jumped the fence.

Gloger told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney, "They didn't chase after him. They ran around him."

McInerney asked, "Could you understand why this deputy could possibly be afraid for his life?"

"No. You don't come over unlocked gates and put yourself in harm's way," replied Gloger.

Are law enforcement officers around the nation too quick to fire on dogs? Many dog owners think so.

One Rottweiller was shot as his owner was being arrested for allegedly interfering with L.A. cops.

Another dog, Chloe was the subject of the documentary Puppycide after she was shot five times by a cop.

Another grief-striken owner from Utah recorded his anger as he rushed home from work after hearing his Weimaraner had been shot by officers investigating a missing child in the neighborhood.

"What was the cause for an office to shoot and kill my dog?" he asked on video he recorded.

The officer who shot Cowboy is getting death threats. But his boss, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco is standing by him.

"He didn't have a choice. It was either severe injuries to him, or the consequences. And it's unfortunately a sad situation that we have to deal with," said Nocco.

He says his department has received 36 calls from Gloger's property in just the last four years. Nine of them because of a faulty burglar alarm.

"It was a bad situation. We wish it never would have happened," said Nocco.

Watch the video below about a heroic dog that took a bullet for his family.