Marine and Bride Praying in Wedding Photo: 'She Grabbed My Hand, I Got Real Emotional'

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A recent photo of a young Marine and his bride-to-be shows their hands clasped and their backs turned. It is touching hearts everywhere.

Now, we're getting the story behind the photo from the newlyweds themselves.

Corporal Caleb Earwood wanted to pray with his bride, Maggie, before the ceremony. But, keeping with tradition, they didn't want to see each other before she walked down the aisle.

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So, Caleb made his way to the cabin in Asheville, North Carolina where Maggie, his high school sweetheart, was getting ready. Then, the couple joined hands around a corner. They did it without ever laying eyes on each other.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to the couple and asked, "What are we seeing in this photo?"

"We planned on doing a prayer before the wedding, before we started our lives together. As soon as she grabbed my hand, I got real emotional," Caleb responded.

Alexander asked Maggie, "What was that moment like for you? You were pretty emotional as well."

Maggie replied, "Yeah, it was really special to know that the person I was going to marry was praying for our lives."

The wedding photographer posted the shot to Facebook over the long Memorial Day weekend and it quickly went viral.

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A private moment between a Marine and his bride is now being shared with the world.

Maggie added, "I thought it was an amazing picture, and to be able to see that I'll be able to cherish it for the rest of my life."

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