Watch a Rare Dolphin Be Born and Immediately Bond with Mom

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A rare Pacific white-sided dolphin named Piquet gave birth at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to a healthy calf estimated to be three feet in length and weighing about 29 pounds.

Video of the event was posted on the aquarium's YouTube and Facebook pages. 

The baby quickly surfaced for air after birth and began immediately bonding with its mother by swimming alongside her. The gender has not yet been revealed.

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The newborn must still overcome other milestones including bonding, nursing and learning to feed independently.

The mother and calf will remain away from public view in a secluded bay pool to have the privacy and will remain under 24-hour observation by the aquarium's health teams.

This isn't Piquet's first child. Three years ago, the 27-year-old dolphin gave birth and was the first to successfully have a calf since the aquarium opened in the early 90's.

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Pacific white-sided dolphins are abundant in the wild but less than 20 are in accredited North American aquariums.

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