Coast Guard Rescue Sea Turtles Tangled in Debris

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Tradewinds from Alameda, California, thought they were responding to a call about a suspicious object floating in the water in a well-known drug transit zone. But they were surprised to find two sea turtles entangled in a fishing line and other debris in Central America.

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One of the turtles had a fishing line tied around its neck that members of the Coast Guard cut away. The turtle then jumped right back in the ocean.

The Coast Guardsmen are trained professionals who are authorized to free entangled wildlife and advise people to report wildlife in danger to the proper authorities immediately.

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Tradewinds is a combined joint effort between the U.S. Coast Guard and other nations that respond to land and maritime threated including illicit trafficking.

It's touching to see the Coast Guard help rescue the two sea turtles and return them back in the wild.

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