Why Hillary Clinton and America's Most Powerful Women Wear Nina McLemore Suits

Nina McLemore is the go-to designer for many of America’s most powerful women.

Hillary Clinton has worn her suits and so has Senator Elizabeth Warren. PBS anchor Gwen Ifill also wears Nina. When best-selling crime writer Linda Fairstein appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last summer, she was dressed in Nina. Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has also worn Nina.

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McLemore told INSIDE EDITION’s April Woodard, "Once somebody wears my clothes, they known them and they can recognize them on other people. There’s sort of this club out there that talks about their Nina’s and how many Nina’s they have."

Woodard spoke to McLemore at her showroom in New York, where she showed her some of the trademark outfits.

“They have standup colors, generally, and they're bright colors,” said McLemore.

McLemore described how she got into designing clothes for women, saying, “A lot of my friends kept calling me and saying, ‘You have been in the industry, you know what I should be looking for and what I should find. Come with me and go shopping.’ That’s when I realized there had been a lot of shifts to lower price and higher price and to the younger market. So, if you are a Senior Executive, none of that really works.”

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Woodard asked, “Describe the Nina woman.”

McLemore responded, “She is powerful. She is interesting. She wants to look chic and elegant.”

Story Originally Aired July 2014

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