Man Rescuing a Bird Wedged in a Car Will Warm Your Heart

Ron Holan was driving home in Norway on his birthday when a bird got caught in the space in between the roof of his car and a storage box mounted on top.

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When he stopped to take a photo, he heard the little bird, and noticed it kicking and moving, as shown in a Viral Hog video.

"I heard some scratching sounds from the roof as I got in the car. I thought to myself, 'It can't be that bird," and got out just to find the poor thing there. I notcied it kicking and moving and realized it was alive," he told INSIDE EDITION.

He used a cardboard box to carefully free it and began to carefully comfort the frightened bird. "It was shivering and its feet were in a weird position," Ron said. He wasn't sure if it was injured. He knew that it would be a long drive to the nearest vet, so he placed the bird inside his car, covered it with a shirt and put the heat on.

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"I thought I'd just warm it up and see if it was only cold. I turned up the AC and seat warmer and kept it under my hoodie. After about 10 minutes, it freshend up" and was ready to head back into the wild, he said.

Holan said he was nervous holding the scared, little bird, but it surely made for a rewarding birthday!

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