An Adorable Three-Month-Old Puppy Gets Rescued After Being Trapped in a Pipe

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Firefighters and other city officials all came together in Buffalo, New York, to rescue an adorable little three-month-old teacup terrier named Bailey after he fell into an exposed vent pipe six feet down.

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Bailey's owner was so excited to have her pup back she gave big hugs to the heroes and spoke to News 4 Buffalo about the rescue, “I love Buffalo firefighters and Buffalo police, I love all of you all. You all stayed, you never moved, you stayed, just thinking it was all for little Bailey and he's okay, he's just a little dirty."

Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield said, “Some people might think we went over and above, but that’s what our guys do every day. We’re very grateful there was a happy ending. We’re very satisfied.”

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It took almost three hours to get him out but after a little oxygen he was doing great and just needed a bath!

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