Ouch! Leaping into Pools From Buildings Looks Like Fun But Can Be Dangerous

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As families and friends head pool-side in time for the holiday weekend, they are being warned to think twice before taking part in stunts such as leaping from roofs into the water.

Youngsters have been posting videos online showing themselves leaping from the tops of buildings and plunging into pools, while others have shared footage of them jumping from hotel balconies.

But it doesn't always end well.

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In 2013, then-19-year-old Nicole Easton's life changed in a split second when she jumped from the roof of her home in Phoenix.

Her mother posted the video online alongside a warning.

"Yes, we have video of the accident," she wrote. "They never expected the jump to go wrong. WARNING the video is graphic. I wish I never watched it."

In the footage, Nicole's male friend leaps first and reaches the water without getting hurt.

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As she watches, Nicole is clearly nervous but the man behind the camera eggs her and another friend on - and they jump hand-in-hand.

But while her friend makes it safely into the water, Nicole lands feet-first on the concrete below. She then looks at the camera in shock.

The teen broke both of her ankles and bones in both feet in the failed stunt - which was just one of many shared online by youngsters as young as 12.

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