Watch This Fitness Instructor Locked Inside FedEx Office for 2 Hours Do Jumping Jacks, Take a Nap

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Chris Galvan, a fitness instructor from San Antonio, Texas, was trapped inside a FedEx store. He kept a blow-by-blow account of his ordeal on Twitter and Facebook as it happened.

He said: “I'm stuck inside FedEx office!”

The workers left and accidently locked him inside.

“I was over here in the back for an hour on the computer and nobody was here because they left and locked me inside FedEx office,” he posted. “I'm just chillin! FedEx office - all by myself!!”

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He posted videos of him goofing around as he waited for somebody to come to his rescue.

First, he did jumping jacks to pass the time.

He also took a nap on the counter.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent caught up with him about the ordeal. He's pretty good natured about the whole thing. He said: "I just hunkered down and starting having fun." 

Trent asked: "How did you get stuck in the store?"

"That time of night, those places are kind of quiet, kind of dead. I wasn't talking, I wasn't doing anything. I guess the employees went out the back and didn't even know I was there." 

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Others who have found themselves in similar predicaments were not as calm. One woman freaked out when she was trapped inside a CVS, the alarm went off and she was terrified. In another instance, a girl was trapped in a supermarket.

So, how did Chris finally get out? He called another FedEx store that's open 24 hours and they sent someone over to let him out. After two-and-a-half hours he was free but there was still time for one last selfie with his liberator.

Chris told Trent: "I forgive them. It is all good!" 

FedEx sent us a statement apologizing to Chris for the inconvenience.

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