Watch Toddler Easily Pull Down Chest As Ikea Issues Warning About Falling Furniture

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As Ikea issues a warning about its chests tipping over, INSIDE EDITION has found just how easy it is for household furniture to become a hazard.

Last year, two-year-old Curran Collas lost his life when an Ikea chest fell on him.

And under careful supervision, three-year-old Todd Rauch showed INSIDE EDITION how he could easily climb up his bedroom dresser by pulling out the drawers – before tipping the whole thing over.

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His mom Nicole, who was ready to catch him, said: "He was able to pull open all these drawers and climb up here. They would've fallen right over on him."

Ikea has issued a warning about its chests and is offering free anchoring kits to prevent them from falling over. 

More information about the product can be found here

"The chests and dressers can pose a tip-over hazard if not securely anchored to the wall," the company says.

Other kits are available, such as the Hangman Furniture Anti-Tip Kit, which is free from stores including Home Depot, and Quakehold furniture straps.

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Stephen Fanuka, the host of DIY network's Million Dollar Contractor, says all furniture, such as TVs, should be carefully secured to prevent a tragedy.

Toppling TVs are responsible for many of the half a million tip-over injuries caused by different types of furniture since 2000.

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